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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard of people being killed or injured by exploding fire extinguishers. How can I ensure the safety of my staff?

Make sure CO2 fire extinguishers are regularly pressure tested at an SANAS approved pressure test station. This is a legal requirement and your service technician must supply you with a certificate as proof of testing.

How can I be certain the technician who services my fire protection equipment is properly qualified and competent?

Check to see that your technician is wearing a SAQCC-fire ID card, and that he is associated with the company recorded on the card. A SAQCC-fire technician using a different company name to that on the card is illegal. Also ensure the company is a valid SABS 1475 Mark-holder. It’s your responsibility to check these documents are valid before allowing the serviceman to proceed.

My service technician offered to upgrade my old CO2 extinguishers by fitting new valves. Is this advisable?

Absolutely not! Modifying extinguishers in any way is considered to be ‘creating’ a new extinguisher, which is illegal. SANS 1475 requires service companies to restore extinguishers to manufacturers’ original specifications.

I tried to return a faulty extinguisher and the manufacturer refused to accept it because part of the original label had been cut off. Surely this is not important?

The label on a fire extinguisher is an integral part of the device. If it is cut off or a label from another company is stuck over it, it is no longer an SANS approved unit and looses all manufacturers’ warranties.

For further information, contact SAQCC-Fire on tel. 011 455-3157.

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