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Fire Fighting Equipment

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

These extinguishers are specifically designed for fires involving flammable liquids and electrical hazards, Class C and Class B fires.

Our Aluminum Alloy CO2 Fire Extinguisher is CE0036 TUV approved. These extinguishers are specifically designed for fires involving flammable liquids and electrical hazards, Class C and Class B fires. Our top quality SANS 1567:2003 certified carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are cased in steel or aluminum, and are purposefully designed to be user-friendly. The body and components of the CO2 extinguisher is constructed to provide easy, safe maintenance to SABS 1475 specification by qualified SAQCC technicians. The total mass of a fully equipped fully charged extinguisher (excluding the bracket) shall not exceed 23 kg and shall be equal to that marked on the extinguisher subject to a tolerance of ±5%. Our CO2 extinguishers are suitable for the marine, industrial, automotive and commercial environment such as hospitals, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants; paint shops, fast food chains, clothing and fabric industries, industrial units, office etc.

Available in the following sizes

  • 2.0Kg Carbon Dioxide
  • 5.0Kg Carbon Dioxide

Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

These Fire Extinguishers are suitable for Class A, B or C fires, or a combination of these types of fires. Dry Chemical Portable fire extinguishers are the most widely used of all types of fire extinguishers. These extinguishers are commonly known as multipurpose fire extinguishers and all our DCP STP Fire Extinguishers are SABS 1910 approved.

Available in the following sizes

  • 1.0Kg Dry Chemical Powder
  • 1.5Kg Dry Chemical Powder
  • 2.5Kg Dry Chemical Powder
  • 4.5Kg Dry Chemical Powder
  • 9.0Kg Dry Chemical Powder

Foam Fire Extinguisher

This stored pressure foam content extinguisher is ideal for multi-risk situation where both Class A combustible materials and Class B, flammable liquid and gases, are likely to be found, or where Class B risks represent a direct hazard.

The blanketing foam effect of foam spray gives rapid knock down which smothers the flame and prevents re-ignition of flammable vapors by sealing the surface of the solution. This range of liquid content extinguishers is polyurethane coated inside to prevent corrosion and rust.

The foam used is high expansion foam.

Operating heads are of brass with either zinc or chrome plating; steel epoxy coated carrying handle and discharge lever, fitted with safety relief valve and pressure gauge.

Available only in the following size

  •  9.0Ltr Foam ST/P

Purple K Fire Extinguisher

Purple K is the MOST EFFECTIVE DRY chemical in fighting CLASS B (flammable liquid) fires. The 9kg Purple K Fire Extinguisher with fire rating of 233B is SABS tested and approved in accordance with the SANS 1910 standard.

These fire extinguishers are used in military facilities, oil companies and vehicles, etc. Purple K is a dry chemical called potassium bicarbonate that is non-conductive and non-corrosive, and can be cleaned up by vacuuming, sweeping or flushing with water.

Purple K Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) works by directly inhibiting the chemical chain reaction in the combustion zone of flammable liquid fires which forms one of the four sides of the fire tetrahedron (Heat + Oxygen + Fuel + Chemical Chain Reaction = Fire).

Purple K is a Class BC powder and is SANS 1522 approved and is available for use in areas such as airfields, chemical plants and refineries where superior fire extinguishing qualities are required

Appearance: A fine violet colour free flowing powder

Main ingredient: Potassium Bicarbonate 90%

Purple-K should never be mixed with phosphate-based fire suppression agents.

Purple K is packaged in sealed buckets containing 25kg of the dry chemical powder.

Water Fire Extinguisher 9L

Water Fire Extinguishers are suitable for class A fires caused by the combustion of solid materials, mainly of organic origin, such as: wood, paper, straw, textiles, coal etc.

Not for use on electrical equipment or electrical fires.

Available only in the following size

  • 9.0Ltr Water ST/P

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher 6L – Fat Fighter

Specially formulated wet chemical to suppress Class F fires, Wet Chemical Extinguisher is designed to combat fires resulting from fats and edible oils burning in deep fryers.

Specially formulated wet chemical to suppress Class F fires, Wet Chemical Extinguishers are designed to combat fires resulting from fats and edible oils burning in deep fryers.

Because of their high auto-ignition temperatures, cooking oil fires are difficult to extinguish. In order to extinguish these fires they need to be cooled sufficiently therefore conventional extinguishers are not as effective due to risk of flash back and re-ignition.

Specialist wet chemical extinguishers are ideal for Class F fires, involving cooking oils and fats, such as lard, olive oil, sunflower oil, maize oil and butter. It is extremely effective as the wet chemical rapidly knocks the flames out, cools the burning oil and chemically reacts to form a soap-like solution, sealing the surface and preventing re-ignition.

Wet Chemical Extinguisher is specifically designed to combat fires resulting from fats and edible oils burning in deep fryers. It is charged with a specially formulated wet chemical. The extinguisher is ideally suitable for use in restaurants, hospitals kitchens, nursing homes, hotels, schools, airports, and other similar facilities.

This wet chemical extinguisher reacts with hot, burning cooking oil or fat. When the fire extinguishing substance is applied to the burning liquid it will cool and emulsify the oil, and the flames will immediately subside. An effective fire extinguishing film of foam forms on the surface that prevents re-ignition.

The wet chemical agent is a special salt based fire extinguishing liquid used in fire extinguishers or stationary fire extinguishing installations for fighting fires in deep fat fryers, frying appliances as well as air exhaust facilities in kitchens and is applied finely distributed to the burning surface using spray nozzles.

The Wet Chemical Agent can easily be removed after use without having to use any special aids. The foam remains restricted to the fire zone whilst other parts of the facility covered by the fire extinguishing substance can be cleaned using plenty of clear water or a steam jet cleaner.

The cooking oil or fat contaminated with the fire-extinguishing agent may not be re-used. The cooking oil or fat must cool down before cleaning the frying or deep-frying appliances.

Available only in the following size

6.0Ltr Wet Chemical ST/P

Hose Reels

Standard Hose Reel

This high quality SABS certified fire hose reel is supplied with a wall-mounted bracket, hose guide, durable nozzle and 30 meters hose: SANS 1086, EN694.


Hose Reel Accessories

Fireworx offers a wide range of fire hose reel accessories that are designed for industrial applications such as valves, hand-wheels, spacers, nozzles, nuts and bolts. Fireworx is a leading supplier of fire hose reels for commercial, industrial and public buildings for response to a small developing fire.

Booster Systems

Booster Connector 

Our Booster Connector is a high quality product manufactured entirely from intrinsically corrosion – resistant materials, and utilizes ‘O’ – Ring technology to ensure durable leak-proof and trouble-free operation. Its internal valve design provides efficient water flow at all normal operating pressures and its tapered thread overcomes the jointing problems that have always been associated with the installation of Fire Brigade Booster Connector.


Fire Hydrant Valve

A Fire Hydrant Valve is a pipe fitting that help to regulate, direct or control the flow of fire suppressing agents by opening, closing or partially obstructing passageways in the hose connectors. Non-return valves stop the fire-suppressing agent from flowing in the wrong direction.

Our fire hydrant valves are made from the finest materials in the industry. With the hose attached to the fire hydrant, the valve can be opened to provide a powerful flow of water to extinguish a fire.

Fire hydrant valves provides access to water supply for the purpose of fighting fires. The water supply may be pressurized or unpressurized. Every hydrant has one or more outlet to which a hose may be connected.

Most fire hydrant valves are not designed to throttle the water flow; they are designed to be operated full-on or full-off. The arrangement of most dry-barrel hydrants is for the drain valve to be open at anything other than full operation. Usage at partial opening can consequently result in considerable flow directly into the soil surrounding the hydrant, which, over time, can cause severe scouring. Where a hose has a closed nozzle valve, or connects to a fire truck or closed gate valve, one must always attach the hose to the hydrant before opening the hydrant’s main valve.

There are 5 at least different types of valves to choose from.


Lay Flat Fire Hose

Our Lay Flat Hose is a non-percolating hose with a robust, all-synthetic jacket. It is designed for use by fire brigades and industry with great benefits and cost saving features. The coating allows the hose to be simply wiped clean after use and enhances abrasion resistance and increases the life of the hose. The PVC/Nitrile coating gives improved protection against oil and chemical contamination and has increased resistance to chemicals and oils. The new generation hose is lighter, and has a smaller coil diameter than the conventional latex lined hose. Available in long lengths on request (SABS 1456 Part 4 approved)




Fire Blanket

The Fire blanket is compact, easy to install, should be accessible but not too close to the risk and its instructions should be read and understood before the need to use, it has excellent insulation properties.

Using a fire blanket promptly and correctly can prevent serious injuries and loss of life. Fire blankets are suitable for fires that cannot be extinguished with water, good for stove pan fires, electrical fires and a person’s clothing. The Fire blanket smothers the fire, and will not burn, melt or drip and will not cling to fire damage skin. Perfect locations are the following; homes, kitchens, schools, hospitals, laboratories, offices and factories.

Available in the following sizes

  • Size 01: 0.9 x 0.9
  • Size 02: 1.2 x 1.2
  • Size 03: 1.2 x 1.8
  • Size 04: 1.8 x 1.8

First Aid Kits


What does the law say?

According to conditions set out in the General Safety Regulations to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993), an employer must take “all reasonable steps” to ensure that employees (and even people visiting the premises) receive prompt First Aid treatment in the case of injury or emergency. This includes the training of employees in first aid skills by a recognised training institution.

The Act requires that: In order for your company to pass a Department of Labour audit, a company that is registered with the Department must train 5% of the workforce on duty at any given time in First Aid

Teams of at least four employees must practice to work together and share the responsibility. That goes for first aid and fire-fighting, which is also an occupational safety requirement

First aid boxes must be provided on site, where people work away from the factory and where deliveries are made. A trained, responsible person must always have the necessary equipment at hand to be able to render an effective first aid service.

First aid equipment and facilities must be clearly marked by signs as prescribed by law, so anyone who is unfamiliar with the business premises can easily find the first aid equipment. This includes fire extinguishers.

The employer, taking the following into account, should determine the number of boxes required:

  • The type of injuries that are likely to occur at a workplace
  • The nature of the activities performed and
  • The number of employees employed at such workplace

Minimum contents of a first aid box

  • Wound cleaner / antiseptic (100ml)
  • Swabs for cleaning wounds
  • Cotton wool for padding (100g)
  • Sterile gauze (minimum quantity 10)
  • 1 pair of forceps (for splinters)
  • 1 pair of scissors (minimum size 100mm)
  • 1 set of safety pins
  • 4 triangular bandages
  • 4 roller bandages (75mm x 5m)
  • 4 roller bandages (100mm x 5m)
  • 1 roll of elastic adhesive (25mm x 3m)
  • 1 Non-allergenic adhesive strip (25mm x 3m)
  • 1 Packet of adhesive dressing strips (minimum quantity 10 assorted sizes)
  • 4 First aid dressing (75mm x 100mm)
  • 4 First aid dressings (150mm x 200mm)
  • 2 Straight splints
  • 2 Pairs large and 2 pairs medium disposable latex gloves
  • 2 CPR mouth pieces or similar devices

Redlam Panic Bolt

The original and the best, our aluminum Redlam panic bolt is the easiest way to secure a fire or emergency exit door but still comply with Fire Regulations. You simply break the “glass” tube with the hammer and chain and that enables the bolt to be slid and open the door.

Safe & Loud Signaling Super Sounder

The Safe & Loud, is an aerosol powered, hand held signaling alarm for instant emergency communication at the touch of a finger.

The Safe & Loud is lightweight & portable and can easily be carried by hand or in a pouch attached to a belt or attached to safety equipment. This alarm does not sound like other electronic alarms and is very easily identifiable in cases of emergency. There is up to 80 short blasts in each canister and can be heard up to ¼ kilometer in good weather conditions.

  • No electricity and no batteries needed and maintenance free.
  • Contains Non-flammable gas, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Comes in a 250g pressurized container and has up to 3 year’s shelf life, if not used.


  • Fire Evacuation and Rescue Alarm
  • Drills – Blasting Signals
  • Emergency signaling alarm for security threats, accidents, and all outdoor activities, sports and marine.


Industrial – Occupational Health and Safety requirements of fire evacuation and assembly points.

Factories, military, hospitals, schools, old age homes, oil depots, power plants, warehouses, airports, harbours, railway maintenance signalling, crane and safety equipment, community policing, disaster management and emergency planning, rural and informal settlement fire protection and detection.


Camping, hiking, climbing, cycling, golfing & marine in cases of accidents, location signaling, inclement weather warnings & starting races.


Neighbour to neighbour signaling, fire, accidents, security alerts, housing complex emergency planning & farm safety