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Three Zimbabwean men have been arrested for illegally servicing Fire
Fighting Equipment at Hogshead in Douglasdale. These men
Who are currently out on bail are facing charges of fraud and theft under
false pretences.

Fireworx was alerted by the owner of Hogshead who had received an invoice
for work from people claiming they were from Fireworx. The owner became
suspicious when the invoice presented was from a company called Rhino Fire
Services and not from Fireworx their present service provider. Upon
receiving this information Fireworx immediately alerted the police who set
up a sting operation to catch these criminals. When Rhino Fire Services
returned to collect their payment the police who were waiting arrested

It was then discovered that Rhino Fire Services and Elephant Fire Service
were one and the same. Despite having passed of their company off as being
SABS Approved and SAQCC Fire registered their VAT and company registration
numbers were also found to be false. These three Zimbabwean service men
had merely applied fake service labels to the customers appliances before
presenting their fake invoice.

The SABS and Department of Labour are currently investigating this matter
further. When asked what can be done to stop this practice, we were
informed that the best remedy is educating the public and creating public
awareness to this criminal behaviour. The funds from careless business
owners pay these criminals and is what keeps them coming back. We urge
everyone to please be on the look out for this and if ever in doubt one
should go to to check!

Lucky the owner of Hogshead was prudent and diligent to check before
paying this invoice. Gratefully he saved both himself and company from
falling victim to these opportunists who ultimately are putting people
lives and property at risk.

We will keep you posted as the events of the upcoming trial unfold in the
Randburg Magistrates Court.