HOTLINE: 086 077 7337

Please be aware that Fireworx 1475 is not conducting business under the name and style of Fire Brand Solutions, or any other name.

Fireworx 1475 (Pty) Ltd until recently, employed Clyde Becker and Riaan Roux, who, after suddenly resigning from Fireworx 1475 (Pty) Ltd, having announced their intention to leave this industry, have apparently commenced business either in their personal names, or under the name and style of Firebrand Solutions.

Please be aware that we believe that our database was unlawfully accessed and critical data and client information, such as client quotations, has been deleted or removed from our system. Our IT forensic experts are working hard to restore the missing data and we are currently investigating the nature and extent of the unlawful access.

We have instructed our attorneys to institute the appropriate legal action against these two individuals and also Firebrand Solutions.

Should any of the aforegoing contact you, please immediately notify us on 0860 777337 or 076 032 2168.