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Fire Fighting Training


It’s a fact that fire kills hundreds of people every year in South Africa. As a result it is important to have the relevant skills in place to ensure that the correct decisions are made in a fire emergency situation.

South African law requires that at least 1 out of 50 people in an organisation or company needs to have basic fire fighting skills. This will assist in ensuring that in an event of a fire, there will be someone who knows how to react without causing panic or endangering any ones life.

The Fire Fighting Training was designed to equip employees with basic fire fighting skills and fire prevention knowledge. We offer Basic Fire Fighting and Prevention, Advanced Fire Fighting and Prevention and Emergency Evacuation Procedure courses.

View the course overviews below:

Basic Fire Fighting and Prevention Training

Designed to equip employees and other persons with basic fire fighting skills and fire prevention knowledge, in accordance with the OHASA requirements for the training of fire fighters in the workplace.

A learner credited with this unit standard will be capable of identifying, containing, preventing and extinguishing different types of fires by operating basic fire fighting equipment.

Advanced Fire Fighting and Prevention Training

Designed to meet the requirements of Employers or employees who need greater levels of training. The course is suited to workers at major hazard installations and for company staff handling hazardous chemical substances such as flammable liquids and gases.

The purpose of learning is enabling learners to practically demonstrate knowledge of fire and repellents, knowledge of the application, construction and operation of hand-operated fire fighting equipment.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

FIRE DRILL – Fire Marshall

 Designed to provide Learners with the basic knowledge & skills to formulate, plan and execute emergency evacuation drills in the workplace.



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