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Smoke Extraction & Fire Control Systems

Your best defense against catastrophic damage!

Fireworx 1475 – Installs and maintains fire ventilation systems to prevent loss or damage within your business facility during a fire emergency. Our ventilation systems extract obstructive smoke and delay or prevent flashover so that firefighters can quickly minimise damages to your equipment and inventory.

We also supply a full range of actuators, manual openers, hatches, louvres and control equipment for all automated opening vent systems.


Keep your fire ventilation system in perfect working order.

A well-maintained smoke and fire response system is your best protection against potential loss.

Fireworx 1475 provides inspection and service for your smoke and fire ventilation equipment. As a leading specialists in commercial smoke control and fire ventilation, we possess the expertise that are essential to keeping your equipment SANS 0400-compliant. We also upgrade older equipment that is out of warranty.

Optimized Fire and Smoke Control Saves Lives

During a fire emergency, a fully functioning fire and smoke ventilation system keeps escape routes clear of smoke and saves lives.

Regular equipment service facilitates accurate performance during an emergency.

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